and fitness area

The first residential complex with saunas

The "Gulf Stream" quarter is the first residential complex with saunas, built right by the metro station Dybenko. The saunas and a fitness center zone is located in the basement, for more information you can go to section dedicated to saunas in our website.

Everything is thought out to the last detail

The architectural concept of the quarter and layout of the apartments are based on European approach to life, where every detail is important, and the needs of the tenant are placed at the forefront.

Everything is thought out to the last detail

The architectural concept of the quarter and layout of the apartments are based on European approach to life, where every detail is important, and the needs of the tenant are placed at the forefront.

Park nearby

Very close is the "New Okkerville" park with a recreational area of 10 hectares - bicycle paths, playgrounds for children, lakes, beach area. The quarter also accommodates sports and children's playgrounds, park gardening, walking area.

Caring for residents

The "Gulf Stream" complex has been designed in accordance with a new concept of planning the yard area, focusing on safety and quality of life. The parking zone is fully outside the inner yard territory.

Saunas with fitness area

A unique feature of the "Gulf Stream" residential complex are saunas and fitness centers located right in the basement, intended exclusively for the use by tenants. Get rid of fatigue after a day's work or recharge yourself with sports energy in the morning - all this can be done simply by taking the elevator down to the ground floor.

Comfortable parking

The "Gulf Stream" residential complex features a heated underground parking for 256 cars. The video surveillance system, wear-resistant marking and the possibility to choose parking spaces - all are thought out and implemented in accordance with the most modern technical demands for comfort and safety.

Storage rooms in the basement

There are individual storage rooms for keeping sports equipment, car tires, tools, etc. in the basement of the house.

In the Leningrad region, "Arsenal-Realty" company is the first to build a residential complex in Kudrovo with saunas and a fitness zone for tenants!

The home warmth of "Gulf Stream"

The "Gulf Stream" is a warm current, washing the cold shores of Scandinavia with its waters. We did everything to set our own climate and provide your new home with warmth and comfort. The new residential quarter "Gulf Stream" is distinguished by its underlying idea, which we tried to carry on through the entire project, starting from magnificent architectural solutions and well thought-out logistics of the premises and adjacent territories, to the internal infrastructure of our residential quarter.

Finnish style
Finnish style

Our Finnish architect could not ignore the long traditions of his country, therefore there is a sauna on the ground floor of each of the new residential buildings!

"Equipped with saunas on the ground floor, the Gulf Stream is the first-of-its-kind residential complex with such options in the entire property market of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region."
Fitness area
Fitness area

What could be better than spending time in a warm comfortable sauna after a good workout in a sports club next door, or relaxing with friends after a busy day?

Above all, you do not need to travel anywhere, spend time and money for that, make calls and pick up a convenient time to visit. It's enough just to go down to the ground floor of your house!
Comfortable dwelling for everyone
The increased comfort level, introduced into economic segment, opens the possibility to purchase a European-level housing, fully adapted to our weather conditions and features.
St. Petersburg, Italyanskaya str., 2
Location map
St. Petersburg, Kudrovo, "Ulitsa Dybenko" metro station
Location map
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